About Us

  • FARMINGPLANNING is an online horticultural education platform. At FARMINGPLANNING, our mission revolves around sharing cutting-edge farming methods and comprehensive farming plans. Our focus is on employing the most up-to-date strategies in agriculture and horticulture practiced worldwide. To kickstart this initiative, our website is powered by a team of diverse and seasoned volunteers who bring in their wealth of experience to contribute and guide agricultural enthusiasts and professionals alike. We acknowledge volunteers all through the world who need to contribute and share their farming knowledge.


  • FARMINGPLANNING is a site dedicated to the idea of sustainability and creating a more sustainable world. Our aim at FARMINGPLANNING is to facilitate easy access to crucial information, particularly for individuals residing in rural areas, enabling them to cultivate their own food effortlessly. Beyond merely imparting knowledge to farmers, our objective extends to empowering entire communities through education. FARMINGPLANNING stands as an online resource dedicated to aiding rural areas in cultivating practices. The company’s approach to revolutionizing farming techniques has evolved from years of dedicated exploration and research in agricultural domains, driven by the overarching aim of making innovative farming methods accessible to a broader spectrum of individuals compared to conventional practices. FARMINGPLANNING additionally trusts that sufficient information is an absolute necessity for rural or cultivating transformation.


  • FARMINGPLANNING is a company that helps farmers increase their yield and profits by providing them with the most modern cultivating strategies and technology. The company was founded in 2016 but has already helped farmers across India who traditionally use conventional cultivation methods improve their yield and profits by 12x.


  • FARMINGPLANNING, as a startup, endeavors to revive traditional farming practices while infusing them with modern techniques to enhance sustainability. It recognizes modern cultivation not only as a means of sustainable agriculture but also as a potential source of substantial income. Encouraging jobless individuals to initiate agribusiness ventures, the company aims to foster not just personal economic growth but also to fortify the economy at large, envisioning a world free from hunger through these collective efforts.